SureSmile Clear Aligners in Mission Viejo, CA

Whether you have mild or moderate dental misalignments, SureSmile Clear Aligners can be customized to suit your specific needs.

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SureSmile Clear Aligners

What is SureSmile and How Does It Work?

SureSmile is a type of orthodontic treatment that leverages advanced technology like 3D scanning and computer modeling to allow dentists to optimize their patients’ teeth movements. Our Mission Viejo dentist uses digital scans of your teeth to create 3D renders that they can manipulate to optimize teeth movement and smile aesthetics. We can then create custom aligners and braces for our patients!

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Clear aligners are not only for teeth alignment, but they can also improve speech clarity. Clear aligners can help correct misalignments that affect speech sounds like "s" and "th.".

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Braces and aligners made with SureSmile technology are extremely comfortable and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing this orthodontics. SureSmile technology ensures the arch wires, brackets, and invisible aligners fit snugly to your teeth. That way, they’re neither too tight for discomfort nor too loose to fall off or scrape your gums.


SureSmile also eliminates the need of getting dental impressions for your orthodontics. Impressions are usually time-consuming and inaccurate since they’re subject to human error. What’s more, some people find the feeling of the putty-like material on their teeth somewhat disgusting. Instead, we’ll create digital 3D models of your teeth to create your custom aligners.


Getting regular orthodontics and dental prosthetics requires a couple of visits. However, SureSmile only requires two visits, one for scanning your teeth and the next for fitting your orthodontics or prosthetics.

What to Expect During Your SureSmile Treatment Process

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The first step in the SureSmile process entails the dentist getting a 3D model of your teeth and oral cavity. The dentist uses an intraoral scanner to capture the patient’s teeth and mouth. The scanning creates a virtual representation of the patient's mouth so dentists can examine the cause of the misalignment.

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The dentist analyzes the 3D renders to identify potential issues with your teeth and bite alignment. They then create a treatment plan based on the 3D renders that address your malocclusion or other teeth alignment issues. The treatment plan takes into account your individual anatomy and dental goals.

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Based on your treatment plan, the dentist will then create customized appliances like arch wires for braces and aligners. The appliances are meant to move your teeth in the right direction to improve your bite and your teeth's appearance. The computer will develop the blueprint for these appliances and ensure they fit snugly and achieve their purpose.

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Once the appliances are ready, the dentist will arrange for treatment. Because the appliances are tailor-made to your exact fit, the treatment session will be a breeze and only take a short time. After treatment, the dentist will instruct you on how to properly care for your appliances and maintain their longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can eat and drink anything with SureSmile aligners and braces. However, it’s important to remove your aligners before eating or drinking. That’s because SureSmile aligners can’t withstand the pressure of biting down on food and pigmented drinks might stain the aligners.